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Many of my readers wants to know more about me and my goals. They want to know what I want to achieve with my investments. With this in mind I am going to try to explain my goals and aspirations.

I am 31 years old at the time I am writing this. I earn about $80 000 a year. I can increase my income if I work a lot of overtime. The availability of overtime can vary a lot from week to week. I do try to work overtime whenever I can because it is a great way to be able to save more money each month. Any money I earn from overtime is deposited directly into my brokerage account as soon as I get paid.

My goal is to have enough money to be able to quit my job by the time I am 40. To be able to do this I want to be able to built up my main portfolio to a point where I get yearly dividend payments that are large enough to replace the income I am loosing by quitting my job. I am calculating that I am going to need to get $100 000 year from dividends to offset my income. If we assume an average dividend yield of 4% then I am going to need a total of $2 500 000 in my main portfolio. This is a very large amount of money but I do not think it is going to impossible to get there as long as I can avoid any large hits and as long as I can keep saving a large percentage of my pay check.

I want to retire at 40 to focus on my hobbies and side hustles.

I think I will be able to achieve all this as long as I am able to keep saving 50% of each check not counting overtime and as long as I keep re-investing my dividends each month. I know that I might want to start a family in the future and that would make it harder to save as much as I do now. But I think I would like to wait to have children until I am able to retire and be able to spend all my time with the children. This does not seem like an unreasonable plan. I do after all hope to retire in 9 years and I still have to met the right girl etc before I can start thinking about children.

I do think I will be able to hit $2 500 000 in my main portfolio before I turn 40 but if I do then I will continue to grow the portfolio rather then retire early. I am currently calculating to hit $2 500 000 in my main portfolio when I am 37 or 38.

You can read more about my investing philosophy on the main page.

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