My traders blog

Welcome to my blog where I blog about my successes and failures as an investor. I try to share as much as possible with my readers but prefer to remain anonymous as I do not think my identity matters. What matters are the trades I make and the financial instruments I choose to invest in. By reading this blog you can see which stocks I am buying and selling. You are free to copy my trades if you want to but my purchases should not be considered financial advice and I might make bad trades such as this one. Always research any trade I do before you decide to copy it.

About me

I do, as I earlier mentioned, prefer to remain anonymous and will therefore not reveal my name or my exact location. I am a 31 year old man. I have a university degree and have been employed since I left university. My degree is in economics but I work in IT. I earn about $80 000 a year. I can increase my income if I work a lot of overtime. The availability of overtime can vary a lot from week to week. I like my job but is open to new opportunities if they present themselves. You can read more about me and my goals here.

My Investment philosophy

I keep several different trading portfolios based on different investment strategies.

My main portfolio

My main portfolio contains about 85% of my investments. 85% of the money i save each month is added to this portfolio. This portfolio is devoted to low risk long term investment in high yield dividend stocks. Once I add a stock to this portfolio my goal is to never sell it. I will remove a company from the portfolio if I find that it is no longer a good part of the portfolio. When I look for stock to buy for this portfolio then I look for stocks that I can keep for 5, 10, 20 years or more. I never make any short term investments in this portfolio. I sometimes add low or non dividend stocks to the portfolio if I deem that they have a large long term potential.

Current stocks in my main portfolio

Below you can see the stocks that currently are in the main portfolio and how much I earned or lost since I purchased the stocks. The table below only shows the increase or decrease in value. It does not take dividend earnings into account.

Symbol Name Purchase price Last Trade Price Change Change (%)

My high risk portfolio

My high risk portfolio contains about 10% of my investments and 10-15% of the money I save each month is added to this portfolio. This portfolio is filled with high risk stocks. This includes stocks in gambling and IT as well as in other up and coming companies. My goal with this portfolio is to buy companies that will grow a lot during the coming years. This portfolio contains both short and long term investments. Companies that do very well might in time be added to my main portfolio.

I try to diversify my investments in this portfolio a lot to reduce my risk.

Current stocks in the high risk portfolios

Below you can see the stocks that I currently have in my high risk portfolio and how much money I have earned or lost since I purchased them. These stocks tend to earn or lose me a lot of money. This portfolio contains more gambling stocks than it should.

Symbol Name Purchase price Last Trade Price Change Change (%)

My portfolio for speculative trades

My third portfolio contains about 5% of my investments. I add between 0 and 5% of the money I save to this portfolio. Most months I do not add anything at all. This portfolio is used for very high risk investments and for market speculation. This portfolio regularly contains very high risk financial instruments such as CFD:s, over/under options and penny stock. This portfolio can be very profitable but there is also always a risk of large loses. 50% of the profit each month in this portfolio is moved to the main portfolio. Losses are not replenished.

This account is used for high risk speculation and I will not add new money to lose if I can not make money with the money I originally deposited in it.

Warning to other traders

Some of the financial instrument that I talk about on this blog are very high risk investments. Example of high risk financial instruments include binary options, FOREX instruments and CFD certificates. You risk to lose your entire investment or even more when you trade with these types of instruments. One bad trade can be enough to wipe out your entire savings. You should never trade with these instruments if you do not know how to do so safely. If you do not know how to edge you risk and limit your downside.

If you are uncertain on whether these instruments are for you then the answer is always NO.